2024 Awards Time Capsule

2024 Award Recipients πŸ₯³

Most Edmonton Startup of the Year

Future Fields πŸŽ‰

Best Startup Workplace of the Year

Nanostics Inc. πŸŽ‰

New Startup of the Year

SpectraCann Ltd. πŸŽ‰

Traction of the Year

Carepros πŸŽ‰

Community Champion of the Year

Ashif Mawji πŸŽ‰

Connector of the Year

Paul Bakhmut πŸŽ‰

Volunteer of the Year

David Ferris πŸŽ‰

Mentor of the Year

David Janzen πŸŽ‰

Student Entrepreneur of the Year

Mikayla Balfour πŸŽ‰

Community Initiative of the Year

Alberta’s First GovTech Hackathon by MovEdπŸŽ‰

Support Organization of the Year

Amii (Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute) πŸŽ‰

Investor of the Year

Startup TNT πŸŽ‰

2024 Show Sponsors: We're thrilled to have all of these amazing sponsors helping us make it happen!

Accelerate Fund
Alberta Enterprise Corporation
4th Street Consulting
Future Fields
ScaleGood Fund
G2V Optics
Altitude Investments
Sprout Fund
Startup TNT

Meet the awesome people behind the awards. We believe a stronger startup community is only possible when we learn, grow and collaborate together.

2024 Team

Erika Hudon-Kaide

I’m lucky to work with cool people, and I want to meet more cool people!
Cory Sellar

Service Provider

Passionate storyteller of Edmonton's innovation community, and esports enthusiast.
Viktor Yatsyk

I'm someone who loves building businesses and sharing knowledge. I'm always excited to learn new things and teach others along the way
Carly Livingstone

I spend my days matching kind, ambitious, smart leaders with great tech startups and scale-ups. Then I watch them accomplish very cool and important things together.
Anastasiia Lutchenko

Driven by curiosity, I strive to innovate, inspire, and make a meaningful impact wherever I go.
Jonah Tetz

I empower startups by streamlining workflows and automating systems.
Abbie Stein-MacLean

I lead Capital City Pilots by day and do my best to support the YEG startup community by night.
Diane Jeon

Big fan of YEG πŸ™οΈ, its people πŸ«‚, and the things that they create πŸš€
Iryna Antich

Passionate about product and marketing; I love transforming ideas into impactful products
Mara King

Transforming ideas into visual stories that inspire and ignite change!
Nastia Naumets

Product & design enthusiast, fueling innovation forward
Steven Lin

Outreach Worker

Passionate about youth empowerment and supporting leaders to work towards their own goals.
Dale Schaub


Dale Schaub runs the pre-accelerator program at NAIT’s business incubator, the Mawji Centre.
Braden Richards

Passionate about finding creative ways to make the world a little bit better every day.
Jo Hobbs

I love process efficiency and sharing how to do that with others!
Emily Marino

YEG Superfan

I love to build things! Excited to contribute to the community and celebrate with everyone.